MHS Compact viilutaja

Flexible. Compact. Optimal.

The new Compact Slicer MHS is characterized by its compact design. With 2 separate motors one rotor and one blade. Due to this combination the important ratio between blade and rotor can be adapted for each product. Let yourself be convinced by good arguments!


Slices …

Sausages and cheese with the optimum cutting results



  • Up to 400 revolutions/minute
  • Large cutting area of 300 x 150 mm
  • Deposition as a stack, shingle and pieces
  • No reduction in the cutting performance by using the portioning belt combination


  • The open design allows for extremely easy access for cleaning
  • Cutting frame and hook removed without tools
  • No warm surfaces within reach of the operator
  • No conversion necessary for product changes

Slicing result

  • Optimum cutting results by adjustability of the ratio between blade and rotor
  • Adjustable product support and cutting frame for optimal cutting position
  • Balanced cutting system for best cutting results even at high speeds


  • Variable used by 2-engined blade drive for cutting a variety of products (optionally available)
  • Retrofit possibilities such as portioning belt combination for stacking, shingles, ziczac stacks, fluff portion, folding over or make group of pieces at full power (optionally available)
  • Interleaver (optionally available)
  • Needs only electricity, no air