UKM 2000

  • Thanks to the wide range of options smokehouses enable to carry out the automatic thermal processing of smoked meat products and smoking of all types of products. This way they are profitable in such operations where a wide range of products are processed.
  • The Classic smokehouses are intended for the industrial and craft production of smoked meat products.
  • Thanks to the sophisticated control of a technological process the minimal losses and weight loss occur. The Classic smoking chamber has the individual circulating air ventilator for each trolley. The optimized circulating air flow provides the uniform distribution of temperature, humidity and smoke. By request the air flow circulation can be controlled by means of the frequency converter which enables the infinitely variable change of air flow. Also the control air flap valves which continuously wary the air flow proportion from the left and right side may be added.
  • Smokehouses enable the thermal processing according to the Delta-T method.
  • The Classic smoking chamber uses the control system which enables the selection of its own program and the full control over the technological process and this way provides the automatic process run.
  • The humidity is recorded by the psychrometric sensor.
  • The piercing sensor serves for recording the temperature in a product core.
  • The smoking chamber is provided with the wood chips smoke generator as a standard and the automatic cleaning system.
  • The smokehouse has been made of the stainless nickel chrome steel.