Keedukatel VVM

Boiling kettles are designed for industrial and craft production and large canteens. They serve for cooking of water-immersed meat products.
A client has an option between the classic square and round cooking kettle. The round kettle with a mixer placed in the bottom brings a lot of advantages, in comparison with the model with the upper mixing the kettle is space-saving and there is better access to the working area.  A thermally insulated cover provides for energy savings. An innovative solution presents an option of cycling with a change of rotation and an easy exchange of a mixer.
  • Boiling kettle is designed for cooking of meat and smoked-meat products.
  • The Boiling kettle is suitable for use in food production and large canteens.
  • The perfect construction with superior insulation of a boiling kettle with closing cover prevents from a undesirable heat leakage and provides keeping the required temperature which ensures economical operation and saves the customer’s operational costs.
  • The insulated closing cover is furnished with a special silicon sealing for the boiling kettle sealing-in.
  • The possibility of cold and hot water filling by means of hand or electromagnetic operated valves.
  • The boiling kettles with the higher capacity than 600 litters are equipped with 2 individual closing covers.
  • At higher capacities of boiling kettles there is a possibility of pneumatic control cover for easier handling operation.
  • The possibility of the circular design with a mechanical stirring device.
  • The possibility of the electric, gas, oil and steam heating.
Mauting VVM katel