Stunner (constant amperage & high frequency)

Fully programmable electronic stunner for continuous operation with trap or restrainer

  • programmable, electronic control of all stun parameters
  • 7 stun-programs preinstalled and individually adjustable for different animals species / sizes and operating-modes
  • programs for head and heart-stun (cardiac arrest) selectable
  • better meat quality
  • higher yield due to less blood spots and bone fractures
  • complies with the EU animal welfare regulations for 01.01.2013
  • acoustic sound for minimum stun-time (adjustable)
  • LCD-display for program-no., voltage, amperage etc.
  • 6 keys for selection of stun program and programming (password protected)
  • transformer with increased ampérage (2,5A)
  • second output socket for heart electrode
  • remote control output for pneumatic stun-tong
  • printer interface including data-recorder