Poseidon Jolly

Poseidon Jolly by ItalianPack allows for automatic film cutting and to incorporate an easy peel feature. Italianpack Poseidon is especially suited for the packaging of ready-made meals as it can be equipped with trays with several compartments.

Poseidon Jolly by Italianpack is available in the “gas flush” version for an increased shelf life of preserved food.

The hermetic sealing allows easy transportation, prevents any product spillage and guarantees excellent hygiene.Using CPET trays and film, food can be heated or cooked in the microwave or traditional owen up to 220 degrees Celsius

It offers the possibility to pack several trays at the same time.

The attention to detail in the construction of molds and the quality of the materials used ensure extreme precision sealing and cutting and uncompromising reliability even in cases of intensive use of the machine.

Heavy duty chassis in stainless steel.