Pihvi vormija DMFB90

Pihvi vormija DMFB90

Automatic line for portioning and forming of products with rounded edges as per low pressure procedure in “Home Made Style”.

With belt wetting, scraper, collecting tray and controlled protecting cover.
Digitally controlled via the filler control TC.
Number of cycles and both belt speeds, preselection of pieces and counter of portions free selectable and repeatable via the filler control.
Transporting belt to the outlet of the filling stuffer adjustable in height.
Lengthwise filling of products for e.g. Cevapcíci possible.

Simple cleaning thanks to detachable respectively unlockable transport belts.
Fully integrated control and electric cabinet with protected connecting box.
Portion volume and form diameter and size are flexible selectable.

Product diameter abt. 30 – 150mm
Product height abt. 5 – 55 mm
Maximum outlet: 90 mm

incl. 2 inserts, boring at buyers option

Version “DMFB92 CAN”

Double knife, pneumatically controlled.
Only possible with Touch control.
Max. 150 port./min
Compressed air is necessary as per DIN ISO 8573-1 class 2.
6 bar / 18 L/min

Version “DMFB92 linear”
Double knife, driven by Frey linear Drive.
Only possible with Touch control.
Wearless, quick and exact cutting.
Noiseless without compressed air.
Hig speed with water cooling.
Max. 220 port./min