Kliimakapp Mauting KMU mini

The professional assistant for small butcher shops, restaurants and markets. It ensures the processes as follows start of fermentatio, fermentatio, smoking, drying, storage.

  • The KMU mini air conditioned chamber enables to process fermented products both Italian and German type with starter cultures, GDL or  in the traditional way.
  • The chamber is suitable also for production of mould maturated products, “Prosciuttos” or dried meats.
  • It is designed for the first and second fermentation phase of thermally unprocessed or curing of thermally processed durable meat products.
  • It provides the optimal flow, speed, direction and exchange of circulating air.
  • The chamber construction with ventilator and exchangers ensures its compactness.
  • The chamber glass door together with LED lightening of interior space provides the attractive view on the processed product.
  • All the components are designed considering the minimal pressure and thermal losses in the whole technology which results positively in purchase and operational costs.
  • The maturing process having finished, the chamber can be switched over to standby mode which provides the optimal climatic conditions for product storage at minimized weight loss and low power costs.
  • The advanced microprocessor control system ensures keeping the pre-set values of required temperature and humidity and carries out the perfect control of the current process.
Mauting kliimakapp KMU mini