ItalianPack Polaris One/Double/Tre models are fully automated machines for the vacuum, M.A.P. (vacuum+gas), skin tray and sealing only packaging of pre-formed trays.

The three lines can be equipped with 1, 2 or 3 packaging stations and, depending on the model, with different dies for instant format change or with the same die for double or triple production rates.

Die changing takes less than 2 minutes. ItalianPack Polaris can be ideally configured for each packaging solution and additional equipment options allow for a turnkey “complete line” to meet today’s specific packaging requirements.

Our company’s Engineering Department will assist you by designing and developing infeed and outfeed conveyor lines, tray denesters, checkweighers, dosing machines for liquids and solids, markers/printing machines, aligning devices, etc.

Our Polaris machines can pack up to 70 M.A.P. trays, 150 sealed trays and 60 skin trays per minute.

Our user-friendly touch screen display allows easy monitoring of parameters, storage of up to 99 packaging programs and language selection.

All Polaris machines use the same die, which allows for different types of packaging: film sealing only, M.A.P. and skin packaging.

7.2“ PLC touch screen, 65,000 display colors, USB port/Ethernet, 99 packaging programs, language selection, built-in temperature control, menu-driven M.A.P. parameters, skin tray and gradual vacuum.

AISI 304 stainless steel electric box, wire welded frame, numbered cables, easily accessible for optimized ease of cleaning. Hinged stainless steel panel for easy opening.

Sealing, vacuum units and feeding chains instantly accessible via front panel for quick and easy maintenance and cleaning operations.

Automatic film rewinder with motor-driven film reel shaft and film waste shaft. Inverter-controlled shaft acceleration and deceleration times.

Stainless steel gas buffer tank with pressure regulator.

Automatic tray infeed system with a 90 degree conveyor from 1 to several tray lines or with an in-line conveyor.

Tray denester with up to 6 lines. Quick format change available.

Motor-driven outfeed conveyor allows for the channeling of multiple tray lines into a single tray line for weighing, labelling and metal detection.

Tool-free die changing in less than 2 minutes.

Skin technology is becoming more and more popular for the packaging of both fresh and frozen food products worldwide.

It is ideal for meat, fish, vegetables and snacks.